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Using Rain Water

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opciones binarias 30 minutos The most obvious first question to ask is,  is rain water safe? We are often told about the pollutants rain picks up as it falls and informed about the dire consequences if it is used in our aquariums. Is this really the case, after all native fish live in what is essentially rain water and what is worse this water will have been run off from farm land, roads and so on and there is no possible way that this rain water improves once it has hit the ground. Secondly, where do you suppose that your tap water came from in the first place. So to answer the question, yes rain water is safe to use in aquariums but in order to lessen any potential risks there are certain procedures we must follow.

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Why Use Rain Water

opzioni binarie 60 secondi martingala Rain water has several uses, it can be used in the same way as reverse osmosis water because it is extremely low in dissolved solids so it can be used to replace water which has been lost due to evaporation, mixed with hard tap water in order to soften it to the desired level,  for keeping fish which require very soft water either to live in or to breed in or when re mineralised just used for making routine partial water changes. Obviously there is no need to use a dechlorinator with rain water. When using rain water you are essentially starting with a blank canvas and you can create the right water chemistry to suit the fish which you are keeping.

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Collecting Rain Water

http://askrenovatie.eu/?segyl=sistema-de-trading-para-opciones-binarias&274=5d sistema de trading para opciones binarias In most areas of the UK it is perfectly safe to collect rain water without there being any risks, but if you live in a large City, industrial area or near an area of major traffic where airborne pollutants are likely to be at a higher level then it is worth letting the first 30 minutes of any rain storm pass uncollected particularly after a long dry spell, a tee port ball valve on the collection pipe will allow water to be diverted away from collection and is easily fitted to any pipe. This will ensure that most of the pollutants will have been washed from the atmosphere before rain water harvesting begins.
It is important where the rain water is collected from, avoid metallic surfaces, calcareous surfaces (surfaces which are likely to contain calcium) such as concrete and surfaces which might have oily residues such as tarmacadam. Good surfaces include slate tiles, plastic roofs, glass roofs or any other reasonably clean inert material.

Storing Rain Water

stock options vs grants Again avoid metallic containers, wooden barrels which may leach tannins in to the water. A plastic garden water butt is an ideal container to use for rain water storage and usually comes with a tap fitted to the bottom for easy use. Keep the container covered with a lid and out of direct sunlight in order to minimise problems with algae and insect larva, most insect larva make great live food for fish but one or two can grow quite large and when big enough are easily capable of preying on small fish.

Before Using Rain Water

binären optionen signal anbieter in deutschland Despite rain water being relatively pure, if you measure the pH you will probably discover that it is quite acidic. Rain water will contain CO2 and because it contains almost no carbonate buffers the CO2 has a quite dramatic effect on the pH. Vigorous aeration will drive off the CO2 quite quickly as well as aerating the water and in most instances this is all that is required before using rain water unless the water is being used to either make a partial water change or to set up a new tank in which case the rain water will need to be re mineralised in much the same way as R/O water.

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