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White Citrus Ceramics – Unusual Aquarium Décor

For a contemporary fishkeeper, there’s a company out there producing sleek and elegant ornaments that wouldn’t feel out of place in a modern art gallery.

white citrus ceramics


White Citrus Ceramics produce a wide range of out of the ordinary ornaments which could serve as fantastic hiding places for your aquarium inhabitants. They have a stylish selection of ceramic ornaments available online.

white citrus ceramics

Here’s a note from the creator:

“I have always loved aquariums, so when I was in college I started small with some betta fish. Each fish had their own 2 gallon set up and I wanted to make their environments as interesting as possible. I wasn’t too crazy about the aquarium decorations I saw at stores (pirates, castles, blah!) so I decided to try plants.

The employees at the fish shop would give me suggestions and advice, but time and time again the plant would die, mold, or grow out of control. This made me extremely frustrated, but I really wanted my fish to have things to poke around and explore. I finally decided to just make my own ‘plants’ and ‘caves’ for my fish in my ceramics class. My fish loved their new little caves and abstracted plants, and pretty soon I found myself making them for everyone, and now I sell them!”

More photos can be found on their Facebook page

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